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Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

Me thinks this is a must try!!!!

boundless beans!

with Rosemary Garlic Bread

On a cold afternoon or evening I really can’t imagine anything better than this. Whether on its own as a wholesome lunch or dinner, or as a hearty starter it will make you feel cozy and smiley inside. It is also a really nice festive soup for autumn. It is so crazy that vegetables can be this creamy. I’m pretty sure sweet potatoes are my favorite food in the world, although somehow I can go months forgetting they exist sometimes. Not today.

Again, I seriously don’t measure the spices when I cook. It’s about feeling it. Please don’t take my measurements literally. Feel it. You can just feel when it’s right. I really don’t know how much I put. I also taste test with the tip of my finger to see if everything is going well. It’s like the soup whispers “mmmm… yes.” However, the measurements I put here…

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